Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Climbing trees.

It has been a wonderful hot and sunny day today and the boys enjoyed playing in the garden.

Lewis likes to climb trees it seems...

Hmmm...what are those two doing down there? He wonders as he looks down towards the lawn.

Wow, Rory, look at you!  Henry says as Rory shows off how he can do a head stand in the newly grown long grass.

Rory and Henry also enjoy climbing trees.

Come on Henry!  Rory says.

I'm coming.  Henry replies.

But then Henry stops...and turns around...

Lewis!  What on earth are you doing?  Henry cries out alarmed at the sight of Lewis hanging upside down in the tree.

I'm hanging!  

Wheeeee, look at meeeee....  Lewis calls.

Henry gets ready to try and catch Lewis in case he falls.

Careful, Mum won't be too pleased if you fall and hurt yourself.  Henry tells him.

I'm not going to fall.  Lewis says confidently.

I've been practising!

A little while later, safely on the ground.

There really isn't anything to it.  Lewis explains.  You just bend your knees and hook your feet round a branch. 

Easy for you to say. Henry tells him

Do you think you could show me how to bend my legs and hook my feet round a branch? Rory asks Lewis as they walk home.  Henry decides to keep his thoughts to himself.

Sunday, 18 June 2017

American Girl and Australian Girl Comparison

Posted on their own, you don't get the full impression of just how different American Girl and Australian Girl dolls are.  

For the comparison I picked my red-headed AG Sienna (Saige) - my surprise birthday gift sent to me by my son a few years ago.  She looks positively petite next to Matilda

Matilda has a vinyl upper body which is better for sleeveless dresses.  She also has a lot of posing ability with her head which both turns and tilts.

Her toes have little gaps between them so she can wear jandals/flip-flops/thongs - whatever they are called where ever you may be.

It was difficult to show just how much bigger Matilda's feet are to Sienna's.

The Australian girls toes are more shaped/formed as well.

The both have cute little knees!

Comparing sizes with Sasha (Everlee)  and my largest Schoenhut Miss Dolly, Anne-Marie.

You can see just how well the proportions of a Sasha doll are when comparing with the other dolls. 

Saturday, 17 June 2017

Cleaning out the Pond

The boys have decided to take it upon themselves to clean out the nature pond.  The water has been drained and they have got inside to get out the  leaves and other debris.

Twins, James and Connor are taking a walk outside and spot them.

What do you think they might be doing?  James asks Connor.

No idea, Connor replies, but it looks like it could be messy work.  Let's go and have a look.

They walk over to the see what is going on.

What are you doing?  They both ask.

Cleaning out the pond.  Rory tells them.

Come on, take off your shoes and socks,put on some shorts and come and join us.  The boys suggest.

The boys look at each other in horror!  

What?!  Take off our shoes?!  You've got to be joking!  

Most unusual.  They say to each other.  Really! Fancy taking off our shoes and socks and wandering around barefoot.  I mean we are English!  That boy Henry has obviously spent far too long in New Zealand and is encouraging the other boys to go round barefooted as well.

What bizarre behaviour!  

The boys really are quite shocked...even when it was explained how liberating it was to go round barefooted and how common it was for both children and adults alike to not wear shoes and socks, especially in summer time.  

As for wearing shorts...! There is no way they are going to wear shorts either!

In the meantime...

Henry clears out some leaves.

The boys are all getting stuck in and thoroughly enjoying their time.

It is hard work, but will be worth it when the pond can be filled up again.

I am sure they will be ready for a morning snack and drink soon.


(This story is merely a parody of when I first suggested to my husband that he take off his shoes, go barefooted and put on some shorts when he was really hot one summer)

Friday, 16 June 2017

Fashion on Friday

A little knitting done this week...I had planned on more, and I do have a couple of 'works in progress' partially stopped because I am not entirely happy with them and currently deciding whether to give up on them, partially redo or frog completely.  

I was asked to knit a 'rainbow' beret to match a cardigan I had sold on Etsy and this was finished yesterday.

I knitted a newsboy style cap for Lewis, and will be making some more of these.

His blue outfit was of course shown on Monday and I have a couple of other items that I haven't photographed yet.

Madeline got a new blue dress to go with her blue boots.

I am taking part in a KAL/SAL on Ravelry for Mini Dolls, so I'm making a wardrobe for a Madeline I am going to gift to a friend's daughter.  I had planned on doing some sewing, but it seems my sewing skills have gone awol at the moment.

So far I have made another little blue dress for the Madeline gift wardrobe, a yellow one and a little shrug cardigan.  I have quite a few other things I want to add to it yet, and so hoping my sewing machine, fabric and I will meet on better terms next week!

Some non-sewing fashion...

I have never taken my Australian Girl Matilda doll out of her original clothing, but decided to do so today as I had one other outfit that came with her when she arrived a few years ago.  She was first introduced on my 'How Many Dolls' blog which can be seen here.

I think she was quite pleased to put something else on and go for a wander round the garden and admire the flowers.

Whether or not she will stay out of her box, or be returned to it yet remains to be seen, but it was nice to have a little play today.

Monday, 12 June 2017

Blue Monday

Lewis sets off for school ...

Home already?  Gosh the day has gone quickly.

Lewis looks remarkably smart after a whole day at school!