Thursday, 24 May 2018

Thankful Thursday

The other day whilst browsing through some of my old posts I came across this photo of Weaver taken in 2013:

I wrote this about her on FB that same day:
I've had this gorgeous girl up for sale since I think around September time last year and despite being negotiable there has been no interest in her...seeing this photo that I stumbled on today while looking for some 'hat' photos I really can't understand why, she is stunning! I think she might just have to stay!

Anyway I decided to give her a freshen up, and redress her in that gorgeous pink dress and add the charming jacket that goes with it so beautifully.

Looking a little pensive

I am thankful that I have such beautiful dolls.  

Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Terrific Tuesday

Weather wise it is indeed a Terrific Tuesday.

Whilst Emily doesn't have the classic beauty of Everlee, her beauty is in her strength of character.   She was one of Henry's original travel companions.

Changing out of her warm clothes at long last she choose this lovely red smocked gingham dress.

Emily also chooses the same spot to have her photo taken as Everlee did.

Monday, 21 May 2018

Blue Monday

With the warmer weather, Everlee Rose Morgan has changed out of her fabulous lilac/purple outfit into something blue, just in time for a bit of Monday Blues.  

Just love the Forget Me Nots, they make such a pretty back drop. 

Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Sasha Dolls For Sale

Just a reminder, I still have some beautiful dolls looking for new homes.  Details can be found on my 'Dolls For Sale' page which can be found by clicking either the icon on the side bar, or the top menu.  Included are these two stunning Sasha dolls.  I am negotiable.

1969 Sasha Kilt, Full Centre Part 

Full details can be found by clicking: here


1969 Side part Sasha Doll

Full details can be found by clicking: here. 

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

A Comparison of Mini American Girl Dolls.

For Valentines Day I got a little gift of the Mini 'Beforever' American Girl Doll Julie Albright.  I already had an earlier cloth bodied mini AG Julie, so thought I would do a comparison between the two.

The boxes are different...On first appearance I guess you could say that the newer box is 'fancier' but with more plastic on the front it is flimsier. 

On the back there is a picture of Julie on the older box, but not on the newer.  I like the description on the older box as well, it tells a little bit more about the actual character of Julie Albright.

Opening up the box, you can immediately see that the earlier book is bigger.  It is also a hardback compared to a paperback that the newer ones are.

The older books are lovely, they are just big enough that you can read them, and they are also illustrated and have a dust cover. 

I think these first books were very good quality.

The newer books are tiny!  They are much harder to read as the print is a lot smaller, plus there are no illustrations.  I can imagine they wouldn't last as long either if they were used due to have a soft cover as the pages are glued not sewn in.  This is one of the biggest disappointing things in my opinion of these newer Mini American Girl dolls.  The price of them isn't cheaper, despite the lower quality book.

Comparing the two dolls side by side we can see they are similar height with the older soft bodied doll being not as slim as the hard bodied doll.  She also has a more rounded face.  Cloth body Julie wears the original outfit, whereas the hard bodied Julie has the newer 'Beforever' outfit.  I think they are both fun outfits, but I especially like the yellow waistcoat.

Their hair is long, but the new girl has a blunt cut as shown compared to the original Julie's more layered look.  The girl on the right has especially soft hair, but possibly not as thickly rooted as the girl on the left.

The cloth bodied Julie also has more two toned hair than the hard bodied Julie.

They both have very pretty faces.  I can't quite decide which face I like best, they are both different even though similar.

Are you my twin?  Julie One asks Julie Two

Julie Two stands better on her own, partly due to her full plastic body.  

I can foresee that the newer Julie will probably see more action than the older Julie, who up until now has remained in her box.  Sad though that is.  I was a child in the seventies, so Julie is my era.  I also had long blonde hair as a child.  I think I will have fun with her.

Monday, 29 January 2018

Schoenhut Series - The Clowns

The clowns fall very much into the  'love them, or hate them' category for people.  I happen to love them, I think they are right characters, even if perhaps a little fierce looking at times.  I have had fun photographing them this last week and did a black and white series, which probably didn't help promote their personas!  But I like them and that is all that matters.  These clowns come in two sizes, 6 inches and 8 inches and are found wearing a variety of costumes of similar style, but different fabrics and colours.

Colin, Otto and Clyde

Close up of Otto's face - with his angled eyebrows, staring eyes and toothy grin I guess some would see him as a little scary, I just see a fun face.  His ears are made separate and attached, although he has lost one along the way - these toys are over 100 years old so I guess it isn't surprising!

Colin and Clyde - simpler faces, and perhaps more friendly as no teeth showing

Otto enjoyed exploring the garden


Large fungi growing in the garden.

Lastly for a video of these wonderful toys