Sunday, 12 November 2017

FOR SALE: Beautiful Wide Face Sasha Doll

Sally - beautiful very early seventies girl with wide face.  She will come wearing her original Blue Gingham Dress.(not the smocked dress she is wearing)  She is a very pretty girl!

Sale Pending

FOR SALE: 1974 Blonde Sasha

Sasha - 1974 Blonde with the blue neck ring piece.  She will come wearing her original blue gingham dress, NOT the smocked dress shown in the first couple of photos.  £180.00 plus postage

She may have a couple of missing hair plugs, although I am not sure, they are just pin pricks.

Really thick hair.

FOR SALE: Beautiful Gotz Slate Eye Sasha

Liebe - Slate Eyed Gotz Girl 1960s  £450 plus postage.  She will come with her white broiderie anglaise dress, not the dress shown in the photographs.

She looks a little sad about having to find a new home!

Lovely long hair

Her body does have play wear marks on it, but I don't think it detracts from her beauty.

FOR SALE - 1969 Side part Sasha Doll

Weaver - Side Part Girl 68/69  £550 plus postage

She will come wearing a Christmas dress, not the dress shown.

Please note her hair has a slight scent to it - I think from the shampoo that was used by her previous owner.  It has never bothered me, but I know some people are bothered by scents.

FOR SALE - 1969 Sasha Kilt, Full Centre Part

Alice:  Full Centre Part 1969 Kilt girl - she will come wearing her original outfit, not the dress in the first two photos.   £550 plus postage

Beautiful pinprick eyes.

The jumper/sweater has a stain on the front, but I haven't tried washing it  The panties need new elastic.  I need to locate her shoes!

FOR SALE: Brunette Sasha

Annie Matilda - 1970s Brunette, currently has non-falling hair, greened eyes.  I think this girl comes with her red dress - still got to find.  (She won't be coming wearing her current dress)

£180 plus postage SOLD

This dress is not included in the sale.

Her original dress - the panties need new elastic.  I need to locate her shoes!

FOR SALE - 1966/67 NP Sasha

Selling my stunning Frido NP Sasha - photos below:

Sarah is looking for a new home!

She will come wearing her original outfit - once sorted out (NOT the green dress as shown above)  I will add photos to this post.  Her original outfit consists of brown cord dress, brown cord panties, singlet, brown shoes and socks.

Her stringing is slightly loose, especially in the legs but she can still hold a pose.

Stunning eyes painted, I believe, by Sara Doggert

Full centre part

The top of her head is a bit sparce in places, but I don't think this detracts from her beauty, just showing so that you know what you would be getting.

I am not sure if she has had her hair trimmed or if these side bits would have been like this from original - they are the same on both sides.

Please feel free to ask questions, or more photos.

Looking for offers in the region of £2500 plus postage.  

(Will only send fully insured to protect both me and the purchaser)

Would prefer 'friends/family' payment if possible please.