My American Girl Dolls

Caroline, Jess, Grace, Gwen, Chrissa, Sonali, Saige, Kaya, Josefina, Ivy

The names they now have are:

Holly Noelle, Jess, Grace, Tara, Chrissy, Sunita, Sienna, Kaya, Josefina, Ivy.

Christina aka Chrissy (Chrissa) Girl of the Year 2009

Sunita (Sonali) - Chrissy's friend.

Tara (Gwen) - Chrissy's friend
Sienna (Saige) Girl of the Year 2013 - My wonderful surprise present from my son!

Kaya - A gift from my husband.

Jess: Girl of the Year 2006

Ivy Ling 1976

Grace Thomas: GOTY 2015

Josefina Montoya 1815

Caroline:  Now known as Holly Noelle

I also have several Mini-American Girl dolls:

Kaya 1764
Felicity Merriman 1774
Elizabeth Cole 1774
Caroline Abbot 1812
Josefina Montoya 1815
Marie-Grace Gardner 1853
Cecile Rey 1853
Kirsten Larson 1854
Addy Walker 1864
Samantha Parkington 1904
Rebecca Rubin 1914
Kit Kitteredge 1934
Ruthie Smithens 1934
Molly McIntire 1944
Emily Bennet 1944
MaryEllen Larkin 1954
Melody Ellison 1963
Julie Albright 1974
Ivy Ling 1976
Saige GOTY 2013
Isabelle GOTY 2014
Grace GOTY 2015
Lea Clark GOTY 2016
Gabriela McBride 2017
Tenney Grant

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